June reading list

Now that it is summer and finals are finally over (whew!), I have more time to escape into the world of books! I have always been in love with books and I secretly admit that I am a book hoarder. Tomorrow I will donate/sell so many books that have been taking up space in the library shelves. The library will now become my little bun’s nursery, so I have to transfer the books I want to keep onto a bookshelf to my bedroom. I am looking forward to posting the end product of the nursery, as well as my new book display!

I love books so much. I want to read an endless list of books and write tons of reviews, but the way my life will be in a few weeks..not so sure! Between school and a newborn, I will do my best to make some time to pick up a book and just escape. I am going to make the most of this time before the baby comes and read as much as I can! So far I have begun this month reading Isabel Allende’s novels which I dearly enjoy reading! Her novels have made me want to travel to South America, indulge in cooking/baking, and read more spanish literature. I will definitely be adding some other great latin authors to my book future book lists.

June Reads

Daughter of FortuneOrphaned at birth, Eliza Sommers is raised in the British colony of Valparaíso, Chile, by the well-intentioned Victorian spinster Miss Rose and her more rigid brother Jeremy. Just as she meets and falls in love with the wildly inappropriate Joaquín Andieta, a lowly clerk who works for Jeremy, gold is discovered in the hills of northern California. By 1849, Chileans of every stripe have fallen prey to feverish dreams of wealth. Joaquín takes off for San Francisco to seek his fortune, and Eliza, pregnant with his child, decides to follow him.
Portrait in Sepia- In nineteenth-century Chile, Aurora del Valle suffers a brutal trauma that erases all recollections of the first five years of her life. Raised by her regal and ambitious grandmother Paulina del Valle, Aurora grows up in a privileged environment but is tormented by horrible nightmares. When she is forced to recognize her betrayal at the hands of the man she loves, and to cope with the resulting solitude, she explores the mystery of her past.

I am going to make more selections to add to my reading list. I look forward to writing reviews and enjoying all these novels this month. Hopefully I can read at least five novels this month!



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